Resume and Curriculum Vitae Overhauls

Anna and her highly experienced copywriting and graphic design team deliver Resume and CV overhauls that enhance your personal brand and present your expertise with impressive style and impact. This service is unique and objective, guaranteeing your CV will cut through.

What is a Resume?

Resume comes from the French word, resume, meaning to sum up. A Resume is orientated to highlight your professional skillset for a particular job or board position, usually 1-2 pages in length.

What is a CV?

CV comes from the Latin phrase, curriculum vitae, meaning the course of life. A curriculum vitae is a detailed chronological overview of your career and is approximately 4 pages in length.

CV Overhaul process

  1. Career Summary. Up to 250 word career summary encompassing your qualifications, key areas of expertise, professional experience, awards, and achievements. 
  2. CV Edit. Full-scale edit to highlight essential experience and strengthen key messaging, within 4 pages. 
  3. CV Design. Easily editable, bespoke CV design and creative.

Resume and CV Design

Select from a professional range of design templates, and our graphic design team will create your new Resume or CV.

Designed in Word, your new Resume or CV is easily editable for future updates.

Professional Styling for Head Shots

How the world perceives you matters. Whether it’s your CV or LinkedIn image, your profile shot needs to be both professional and personalised.

Our word-class photographer Sam DAgostino of SDP Media ensures we create that for you.

We set up the profile shot appointment, provide professional hair and make-up services, and present you with an excellent portfolio of high-quality images to use across all platforms.

LinkedIn Profile

Learn to navigate the platform, present your personal brand with confidence, and get your profile seen by more professionals, companies, and organisations.

Our All-Star LinkedIn review will analyse your current profile and optimise it for results.

Together, we will assess your: 


Executive and Leadership Coaching

If you are looking to maximise your leadership impact, transition to a more senior role, enhance the performance of your team and organisation, gain greater confidence and/or navigate different leadership styles and environments, then a customised leadership coaching program will give you an advantage.

Together we will:

Negotiation Training and Advisory

Find value in the agreements you reach, resolve differences before they escalate to conflict, and close deals. Negotiation training and advisory provides customised strategies you can utilise every day.

Together we will:

Health and Well-Being Inspiration

Your mind and body play a crucial role in your success.

When taken care of, our work excels, and our relationships flourish.

Bring your personal life back into balance and use an accountability partner to spark motivation.

Together we will: